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    Our capabilities across media makes us the ideal choice when you want a unique, consistent and compelling look on a series of projects and in different media.

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A brief consult will allow us to ask the right questions in order to configure the most effective approach to just about any design request or challenge. If you are interested in finding out if collaborating with IDS is the right fit for your upcoming project, please contact us today.

logo design

A professional logo design gives you a clear competitive advantage; it defines who you are and distinguishes you in the market.Your brand message is the pulse of your business. Effective brand messages differentiate you from the majority of competitors.


Branding should be an expression of your company's position and personality. Introducing your business to an audience can be challenging. Using strategy and thoughtful design, we collaborate closely with our clients to build a brand that is identifiable both online and offline.

Print Design

Print design is the creative process of producing a visual communication and presentation that is performed in order to convey a specific message or messages to a targeted audience, purposely made for printing. Business Cards, Sales Sheets, Newsletters, Print & Online Magazines, etc.

Event Promotions

The objective for event promotion design projects is to increase event awareness and attendance. IDS effectively integrates all aspects of event promotion design to meet this objective, including sponsorship prospectuses. Postcards, Banners, Door Hangers, Tear Cards, Tickets, VIP Packages.

Website Design

A professional web design will effectively communicate your services and generate customer interaction and retention. An innovative website design is one the best ways to guarantee online success. Corporate Websites, Portals, E-commerce, Reservation/Booking sites, 5013c, etc.

Tradeshow Display

Raise visibility, promote products and services or provide important information to customers during any event. Our cost effective, indoor and outdoor creative solutions will create immediate recognition! Pop Up Displays, Trade Show Booths & Exhibits, Outdoor Displays, Podium Graphics, etc.

social media design

design and development

Social media design is an important element to incorporate when building your online presence.  Build a more meaningful connection between your company and your social media audience using signature memes, timeline covers, avatars, page designs, app design and more.

We offer single designs, packages and branded sets for Facebook profile, Twitter background, Google+ header,  timeline posts and blogs. 

popular social media design solutions

(online trending is dauntless)

Signature Design For Print & Web

what's the difference?

The biggest differences between print and web design lies in how they are viewed. Holding something tangible opposed to viewing something on a screen is the biggest difference. Where and how a design is viewed plays a big role in the direction of the design approach.

We make that process simple. Contact us today and inquire about the type of design you need. If you are not exactly sure, we appreciate the truth and will do our best to educate you on our services and design types as well as consult, suggest and advise.

Signature Design For Print & Web

signature print design

paper. plastic. vinyl. clothing. substrates.

paper types

anything printable

  • Business Cards

  • Sales Sheets

  • Newsletters

  • Magazines

  • invitations

  • Postcards

  • Door Hangers

  • Tear Cards

  • Tickets

  • brochures


Ink & Embroidery

  • logos

  • emblems

  • dye sublimation

  • hang tags

  • concept sheets & mockups


and other substrates

  • banners

  • campaign signage

  • lawn signs

  • additions

Promotional materials

Events. Launches. Seminars. Parties. Corporate Events. Races.

From pin back buttons to banners, we've got you covered.  There are a multitude of items awaiting your customization but we focus on the goal, not upselling products.  We envision the outcome and finished project as opposed to merely "sticking your logo on an item."

Our target is to create materials that make statements, leave lasting impressions and add to the value of your event, evening, project, launch or product.

We design, print and ship the following:

Automobile Items
Badge Holders
Bottle Openers
Business Card Holders
Desk Items
Disposable Cups
Document Holders
First Aid
Golf Accessories
Golf Balls
Hand Sanitizers

Key chains
Kitchen Items
Laptop Bags
Lip Balm

Luggage Tags
Lunch Boxes


Metal Pens
Mobile Phone Holders
Mouse Pads
Nail Files
Pet Items
Picture Frames
Pill Boxes



Plastic Cards
Power Sources



Screen Cleaners
Stadium Cups
Stadium Cushions
Sticky Notes
Stress Relievers
Stylus Pens

Table Covers

Table Covers
Tablet Cases
Tape Measures
Tech Items
Tote Bags
Travel Items
Utility Tools
Water Bottles


passionate creativity

"TO emPOwer your image"

Most discoveries or attraction is based on appearance. What is visual makes an impact. Your visual resources make an impact. Create a signature brand that is unique and consistent across print and web design.

Whether your organization is large or small, we have the tools and experience to make your project a success. We create and provide solutions that meet your specific needs - you are part of the process.

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IDS is your partner in design. Whether your organization is large or small, we have the tools and experience to make your project a success. We create and provide design and print solutions that meet your specific needs. You are part of the process!  


We make that process simple, contact us today and inquire about the type of design you need. If you are not exactly sure, we appreciate the truth and will do our best to educate you on our project process. 

Your Image is our focus

design is our passion

Although we service and brand medium to large companies with established budgets, IDS also continues to advance as a high quality and affordable solution to small business owners who require signature design.