about our design process

straightforward and efficient.

Zero surprise costs. Competitive, flat rate pricing. Best of all, we deliver on time. You’ll know what to expect and when to expect it as we guide you from start to finish.

zero surprise costs

We are clear and concise in all of our communications, including thorough outlines of our design fees for all services.  Transparency is key. We deliver a detailed scope of work along with a quote for service.

competitive pricing

Several factors enable us to provide you with competitive prices.  Our two distinct billing methods are: 1) hourly 2) by the project.  Automatic discounts are given to projects that include three or more "items". We bundle our services and offer them as a discount package.

completed projects this month

....And counting!

scheduled delivery

Our design projects are scheduled according to two considerations: Retainer contracted: are given priority schedule placement and turnaround times on all design requests.  Per project contracts:  are placed on our production schedule according to receipt.

project management

Workflow is integral to the completion of our collaborative projects. We implement the principles of planning, communication, control and working towards concise agreed upon goals and design accountabilities. We make the entire process a seamless experience.

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booking A design project

made simple

1. Contact Us

During a brief consult/conference, we collect the necessary information to give us a clear idea of what service(s) best suit the request. We then brainstorm and analyze all data needed to transition preliminary ideas into signature design solutions.

2. Quote For Service

All design projects/requests will require the issuance of a Quote For Service (QFS). (Direct online design/sales offers do not require a QFS) The QFS will detail the proposed scope of work to be provided in addition to a design contract, scheduling information and delivery dates.

4. Deposit Submission

To start your project, a 65% deposit is required. The balance is due upon the completion of the project unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

we visualize the end result

The Design Process is an approach for organizing a project.  Converting an idea into a reality requires efficient steps that are important to the end result.

Project inquiries

Let's discuss your ideas! Contact us today to set up a time to review the specifics your design project. We offer a free 20 minute consultation with every design project.

tell us what you need

Do you know exactly what you want and need?  Submit an online form detailing just that.  We will review and request confirmation, then submit a QFS to you within 24 hours.

we create cohesive identities

Benefit from building brand equity

Clarify your message.

Communicate your brand.